keep moving forward !!



7 thoughts on “keep moving forward !!

  1. Ei boleh kamek molah permintaan sikit…sikit jak. Boleh sik Jgn engkah nama kamek explicit gilak kat link “serantau Blog” kitak ya. Malu la. hehe. Use my blog name or my nick “elvinado”..THanks. Sorry. Or kalau lebih baik lagi ngkah la kat Sahabat Blog…

  2. erm..are u referring to my blogspot?

    kind of la..

    actually, i tried to change my template, then there were errors, then, when i tried to redo the previous colour combination (the blue one), got problem..last2, i make this new wordpress.. 🙂 hehe

    plus, wordpress has more template designs.. 😉

    thinking of using wordpress eh terence? 😀

    happy new year!


  3. actually.. i meant if there was a problem in publishing this post because all i see is a 😀 haha.. kla.. nah im still sticking to blogger although it might suck a little sometimes lol

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