Pesta Tanjong

erm. eventhough i’m at home now, there’s not really much to be written in this blog. i mean, something bermanfaat to be read by you. πŸ˜€
ape2pun, tomorrow is Pesta Tanjong. looking forward to be there? naah..not really. none of my closest friends will be coming (i think so). most of them are not in miri now. but, maybe tomorrow will be an opportunity for me to see my teachers and school which i left a year ago. and there’s a teacher who will be leaving very soon. 😦

anyway, i don’t really have much memory about the past Pesta Tanjong. (obviously because i was a Kolejan (collegean?) or KTDTHBian..err…mana-mana la..i was a Kolejan for only 2 years) πŸ™‚

Honestly, Pesta Tanjong was not that interesting. The nice thing about Pesta Tanjong was being together with my friends. The fun of being together, working together, walking together, laughing together, anything by the means of together.

Here are some pics of Pesta Tanjong 2005 (or is it 2006?) with some of my friends.

Syafiqah, Ajeerah, and Siti Hawa – gerai kupon ehs?

Mira, Kak Timah, Eein

what was so funny? (the students with Ustaz Juneed)

Faz, Eein, Kak Timah, Amap, Mira (exluding the boys-juniors~)


By the time i am typing this bit of words, the time is showing 2.07am. Yet, i am still awake though tomorrow i’m planning to go to Pesta Tanjong. insyaAllah. hope i will not be sleepy tomorrow morning (not enough sleep does bring bad impact on me..headache for example, plus unstable sleepiness during the day i.e. being sleepy at the very unsuitable time) πŸ˜›

p/s : an english post. tell me how deteriorating it was.

p/s 2 : by the way, for those who are wondering what on earth is ‘Pesta Tanjong’, well it is an annual food fair organized by the Parent-Teacher-Association (PTA) of Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang. and why is it called ‘Pesta Tanjong’ was because, our school is located on a ‘tanjung’. It is on a hill which is located in an area known as Tanjong Lobang. Previously (i’m not sure how many years back), KTDTHB was known as Tanjong Lobang School~not really good with my school history. shud’ve asked my sister, she did her kerja kursus about our school last year.



3 thoughts on “Pesta Tanjong

  1. Owh. maybe sebab construction ya kali. chill2. maybe best lepas tok bila dah abes semua construction ya.

    p/s: thx for dropping by btw. πŸ˜‰


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