It’s Been A While

This time I would like to share some quotes that have been passing through my mind. (or I read/heard somewhere) πŸ™‚

It’s up to any individuals how to relate these quotes with your everyday lives. May there be some manfaat for us.

“If you do not love, you will not care. If you do not care, you will not help. If you do not help, you will not protect”

“What you give, you get back”

“It’s easier when it’s clearer”

“Addin annasihah”

“No one is above needing advice”

“Loving whatever He loves and hating whatever He hates, be it objects, persons, actions, sayings, etc”

“Kebudak-budakan dalam gurau sendaan, namun bersungguh dalam pertarungan”

“Hati yang mati tidak akan menghidupkan hati mati yang lain”

This Deen surely provides us with such an ample guidance.

May us all are blessed under His guidance.

I can’t walk on this road alone. Guide me, remind me. May I stay on the right path, may I reach the final destination with FALAH. ameen, ya Allah.

It seems to be easy when it’s actually hard.

It seems to be nice when it’s actually vulnerable.

It’s seems to be something when it’s actually nothing.

Clear your mind and cleanse your heart.

Don’t let yourself be deceived.



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