Wandering Wondering


Gambar : Royal Crescent, salah satu tarikan pelancong di Bath. Merupakan bangunan yang berbentuk ‘arc’. Mengapa ia begitu menarik, penulis tidak pasti. Credits to Ajah untuk gambar ini. Gambar ini diambil semasa beliau bersiar-siar di Bath pada cuti Easter yang lalu.

Wandering wondering.

So many hours spent today, made me come into realisation. How big this world is. How small I am. So many things to be done. So little I’ve done.

How things can change over a period of time. Good for you if the change is for a better good. How scary if the change is something that is worse than bad.

The way I see the world is so different when I’m with different people. The more people I’ve met, the more complicated the world is in my eyes. It’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle. At first, I was innocent and clueless. As I picked one by one of the pieces of the puzzle, matching each piece with another piece, I managed to see one part of the puzzle.

For a moment, I thought I’m going to complete the puzzle in no time.

As I go on, more and more of the pieces of the puzzle that I picked were for the different parts of the puzzle. Which made several different parts of the unfinished puzzle. All the parts are not yet connected to each other.There is a pile of the pieces of the puzzle that needed to be matched with the parts that I’ve solved.

Trust me, it’s not one easy job.

While I’m doing my VERY BEST in completing one part of the puzzle, the other parts of the unconnected puzzle were left untouched. Am I forgetting the other parts of the puzzle?

No, I’m not. It just happened to be the pieces of puzzle that caught my eyes first were the ones which are nearer and reachable to me. As I am becoming excited and anticipated to know where this particular part will connect with the other parts of the puzzle, I started to put my focus only on that particular part.

The situation makes it looks like I’ve neglected, ignored, abondoned, etcetra the other parts of the puzzle.

But please believe me that -I’m not.

I still care and I still want to complete the whole puzzle. Deep in my heart, I believe that all the different parts of the puzzle will be connected to each other one day. insyaAllah. Everything is related.

By one single piece of puzzle

Time and my own capacity limit me from doing what I should have done. There are times I feel the adrenaline rush. There are times I feel so weary and exhausted. There are also times where I become numb and I don’t feel a thing. There are times when I’m being careless and mistakes areΒ  unavoidable.

Whatever it is, I will keep moving forward.

Thank you for the ones who keep supporting and guiding me and sorry to the ones who might have been hurt by my immature and inexperience (or maybe selfish and irresponsible) actions as I go along in completing this jigsaw puzzle of the world around me.

Wandering wondering.



9 thoughts on “Wandering Wondering

  1. .its about our life..jigsaw puzzle..match it..and we hv the nice and complete manual book for it..dats al quraan wa sunnah..”tidak dijadikan manusia n jin itu melainkan utk beribadah padanya”…hidup perlu diteruskan..walaupun kdg2 hati remuk redam..dgn niat untuk mmbntu insan lain..itu hakikatnya kehidupan…return back to basic..apapun dugaan n cbrn Allah beri hanya untk ingatan agr kita kmbalii pd fitrah adanya kita d cn utk beribadah pdNya..

    don worry mate..mistakes makes we learn dat piece of puzzle shouldnt b there..we will learn from it rite??moga itu ajaran buat diri agar lbh matang melihat kehidupan…wallahualam..


  2. salam..
    an bukn nk bg nasihat.,
    tp just nak share..

    bile an rasa blurr..
    an just pretend like everythng is normal..
    keep smilling..yerp..dats wut i alwys do..keep smile…
    serius ni..hehe

  3. Salam to all.

    Jazakumullahu khairan katsira. Ana wonder apa agaknya interpretasi antum terhadap ‘sajak’ ni. hehe. Apa yang pasti, interpretasi tersebut tentunya berdasarkan pengalaman antum sendiri.

    Looks like everyone has got their very own ‘jigsaw puzzle’ that needed to be solved. πŸ˜€

    The interesting part is that, we all knew that we can always help each other out in completing our puzzles. insyaAllah.

    All the best to everyone with your own puzzle! πŸ˜‰



  4. @Farhanah: Yup, ‘belajar’ atau dengan kata lainnya ‘tarbiyah’. πŸ˜‰

    @Dr.Zahau: Ahah, keep smilin ya mate! πŸ™‚

    @Kak Intan: thanks sis! betul, we’re not alone. πŸ˜‰ btw, ur recent post about dreams is very inspiring (n comel~hehe). kudos! all the best gak kat akak for the finals~(doakan saya juga)



  5. salam.
    waaaa.. lmk xbaca blog kw. since xingat dah bila.
    actually tek menggoogle gmbr ‘di sini pemimpin dilahirkan’, kuar ada blog tk pulang, hehe..
    hmm. sori lmk alu dah xkontek, sejak? xingat dah.
    bila balit ke miri?
    mkrang cuti semester xlmk gk, tp final exam gk la xlmk gk, minggu minggu depan, hehe.
    baiklah, sekian. jaga dirik bagus2 di sinun.

  6. No matter how many times you try to jam a piece into an opening that you think is right, it doesn’t mean that the piece is ever going to fit.

    live ur life to the fullest..but still, in islamic way!!

    may d best b with u~

  7. @Fakhrullah

    Salam. waah, sama2 sorry juak. lamak da jak aku sik mengontek ktkorg juak. tsk2. (-_-“)

    insyaAllah bila dah balit miri klak, senang sket. aku balit insyaAllah bln 6 tok sampe raya.

    ktkorg bila balit?

    btw, sama la, aku pun x lmk gik dah nak exam. insyaAllah bln 5 tok klak. all the best kei kta! πŸ˜‰

    taking care juak eh! sehingga jumpa gik insyaAllah. πŸ™‚

    p/s: Hehe, gambar ‘di sini pemimpin dilahirkan’ ya ‘diculik’ dari friendster ka facebook ustaz. ;P


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