The Six Things…

Syasya, Afiq, Dedeq, Mimie, Boy, Tiqa (kanak-kanak riang ini sudah tiada)
Innocent and carefree

Sehari semalam aku tidak online, berbondong-bondong mesej baru dalamย  kotak mel. Facebook notification. Salah satunya, aku telah ditag dalam gambar di atas. (-_-“)

First Thing: Driving Lessons

So I’ve started my driving lessons. If you ask me Boulevard or Senadin, it’s IMMS Senadin. The latest and nearest driving institution near Boulevard shopping complex is slightly expensive. It’s quite late actually for me for just getting started with this driving lessons. And if I ever got the chance of getting a ‘P’ license this year, I only have one shot to try which is a week after Raya, which is very near to the day of my departure back to the UK (insyaAllah).


I enjoy attending this driving lessons despite the boring courses I had to attend few weeks before.

Second Thing: Karipap Kelim-ing

One of the kueh that my mother often makes is karipap. My mother and aunts usually use karibang (sweet potatoes) with meat as the filling (and other ingredients) instead of potatoes that people usually use. Plus, karipap is one of my youngest brother’s favourite food (bear in mind that his choice of food that he eats is very little).

Last year, I celebrated Raya in the UK. Still, you can see Malaysians celebrated it to the fullest. We (I mean, Malaysians overseas) made our Raya dishes by ourselves. At home, it’s always the mothers who prepare all those things. Syawal last year, I’ve learnt a new skill that I’ve never learnt here in my homeland, which is karipap kelim-ing.

Gambar ihsan dari Google
Gambar ihsan dari Google

I enjoy karipap kelim-ing though I’m as slow as a snail.

Third Thing: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

I was not a fan of english novels until I started reading Harry Potter. As far as I can remember, the first HP book that I read was not Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone but Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Lampi~

Currently, I’m rereading the seventh book. I decided to reread the book after I realised that I forgot the storyline while watching the sixth movie (one of the little things I remember from the book is about Dumbledore’s death) and I don’t want the same thing to happen when the seventh movie is out.

You know what, I always think that the story of Harry Potter is actually picturing the reality of life. The main thing is that, it’s about good versus evil. How close it is to the reality; as you read along (from 1 to 7) power* is very important in human’s life. In the books, it is shown how people use their power* for good and some misuse the power* they have.

*I don’t mean magical power eh ๐Ÿ˜€

Some of the things that came across my mind that I find amusing:

Daily Prophets = Berita Harian, Utusan Melayu

The Quibbler =, Harakah, Suara Keadilan

Azkaban = Kamunting

Dementors = SB

Pure-bloods = Melayu


If you don’t read Harry Potter and you think it’s a childish thing to read an illogical fiction, I assure you there are many things that we can learn and things that we need to be reminded such as we have to love each other (meaning families and friends, not the forbidden love), friendships, determination in achieving goals, the importance to be united against evil doings, etcetera.

Fourth Thing: Arak, Sebatan, and Kartika

Actually, since I came back for summer holidays, I became less attentive to the current issues nationally or globally. Why? I just don’t know why. But thanks to some people that keeping all of us updated through the mailing list that I’m in. One of the latest issues is ARAK and sebat.

It’s about a model who was sentenced RM5000 fine and 6 sebatan by Syari’ah Court after she was found guilty of drinking arak in public. One thing that I learnt from this issue that I would like to share is the difference between 2 of the syari’ah rulings; hudud and ta’zir. (there are more such as qisas, di’at. click here for more on fiqh jinayat)

Hudud: hukuman/peraturan yang merupakan ketetapan dari Allah dan Rasul tanpa ada pertikaian pun.

Ta’zir: hukuman tidak ditetapkan bilangan khusus, boleh ditentukan oleh hakim berdasarkan kebijaksanaannya

For more details about this issue, I suggest you to read an article by Ustaz Zaharuddin (who will be coming to FUIYO 2009) entitled : Isu Sebat : Jawapan Kepada Tun Dr Mahathir and also Sebat Peminum Arak : Hudud atau Ta’zir? by Ustas Wan Ji.

All I can say, Islam is beautiful indeed!

I am grateful that I’m Muslim. MasyaAllah! May Allah granted us the level of Mu’min and Muttaqin.

Fifth Thing: Merdeka?

I’m not in the spirit of Malaysian Merdeka Day. Below is an excerpt from a saying of Ruba’ie bin Amir (an Islamic warrior) when he was asked by the leader ofย  the Persian army during the War of al-Qadisiyyah);

Apakah tujuanmu ke mari?” tanya Panglima Perang Parsi.

Jawab Ruba’ie, “Kami merupakan satu kaum yang diutuskan oleh Allah untuk mengeluarkan sesiapa yang mahu dari memperhambakan diri kepada manusia kepada memperhambakan diri kepada Allah Yang Esa,

mengeluarkan manusia dari kesempitan dunia kepada keluasan akhirat,

mengeluarkan manusia dari kezaliman agama-agama kepada keadilan Islam.

Allah telah mengutuskan Rasul-Nya untuk tujuan ini supaya Rasul itu mengajar makhluk-Nya dengan agama-Nya. Sesiapa yang menerima cara hidup ini, maka kami akan kembali dan memulangkan kembali negeri-negeri kepadanya. Tetapi sesiapa yang enggan maka kami akan terus memeranginya sehingga kami syahid ataupun menang.”

(Peperangan Rasulullah S.A.W, terbitan Jundi Resources)

Sixth Thing: 4 Weeks

It is approximately 4 weeks before the summer holidays end. I don’t want to say more on this as it makes me feel ๐Ÿ˜


I was quite stressed out recently and when I do or think about the happy things, it lifted my mood and my spirit.

However, I find it’s important for us to be stressed out sometimes because at that particular time then human can realise that how weak we are, how in need we are in the guidance and help of our Rabb, and it shows us that sometimes we have moved away from god by busying ourselves with worldly things. (less busy with ukhrawi things)

At least I think so.


p.s. insyaAllah I’m going to Kolej this weekend for a programme. My friends and juniors, I’m more than happy if you would like to join us. Inform me if you’re in Miri this weekend. Jom rasa asrama baru Kolej ๐Ÿ˜‰


10 thoughts on “The Six Things…

  1. eh, gamba ehsan Google je ke?
    nk tgk gamba sebenar ๐Ÿ™‚

    n esk merdeka ke?
    xmerasa excited + gembira pn.. camne ni? daku rakyat malaysia.. harus sayang negara.. 1 msia eh?


    • Salam,

      hehe. aiseh, gambar sebenar ade dalam henpon. bukan untuk tontonan umum. btw, lepas ni nak menambah skil lagi..kerepek kapal terbang!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      huhu. same here Ajah. rasa cam biasa2 je kan? xpe, kte sayang negara dengan cara lain. sayang ala Gomoman. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      “Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan”


  2. salam ramadhan..
    eh sya..kat aussie ni pun raya nnti best tau..:-)
    pas solat..p embassy..then p rumah terbuka student ngn rakyat MAS kat sini..rumah an first skali akan diserang..haha..

    tp still x sma mcm raya kat Malaysia..:-(

    Ramadan Kareem

    • Salam Ramadhan,

      hehe, insyaAllah best punya raya nanti tho x semeriah di tanah air.

      waah, sure banyak juadah yang disediakan masa open house rumah nta nanti. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Selamat meneruskan ibadah di bulan Ramadhan ni.


  3. haha.
    oh, adq ingat ya tek gamba the karipap-nok-menjadi-than-mine-THE-penyek-one yaa.. XD
    bna ndak kaa google? haihh.. hahaha
    humble laa plk x)
    yerrr.. promo kolej kaa??
    bagos bagos..
    (mok tdo kt asrama baru jak duhal tekk
    ek’elehh (-_____-‘)

    • chesss, mok ka dipublishkan gambar karipap adek ya? heheheh

      aok, ya gambar google,mun x caya, google lah.

      btw, bila gik nak merasa asrama baru kan? ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. salam

    haha sya,aku pon xreti nk lipat hujung karipap tu
    penyek2 je aku wt,pastu kne marah ngn mak ;pp

    and ade org tu tinggal 4 weeks ke?
    jgn complain,
    pikir laa aku ni yg kne raye again kt US.
    adoi.cabaran n dugaan btol.

    • Salam Ris Yes Breeze, ;P

      hehe, xpe Ris, teruskan praktis. pasti berjaya! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      sob2, insaf Ris. baiklah, xnak complain lagi dah. xpe, raya kat US pun best kan? ๐Ÿ˜€

      cabaran mematangkan, dugaan menguatkan. (looking on the bright side) ๐Ÿ˜‰


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