Real Life Bones??

I couldn’t help myself but posting about this. I was hungry this afternoon (late lunch) and I helped myself with mini cheese & tomato pizza that I baked with chicken sausage. While eating, I usually watch something on the internet (i.e. videos, etc). So, I searched for “Bones” Season 5 Episode 5 (since I haven’t watch it) but apparently, no free streaming was available yet.

I don’t really remember how but I ended up opening an alternative online newspaper and the headline was “Teoh Beng Hock dipukul dan dicekik sebelum jatuh

Well, as I said in one of my previous post, during the long summer break, I somehow became less attentive to the current issues evolving around me nationally and globally. 😐

Anyway, I did hear about Teoh Beng Hock’s case but not really into it. (due to the fact that I watched less Buletin Utama when I was at home).

Thailand Version of Dr. Bones

I read through the article. It was interesting to read how the experienced Thailand pathologist (above) made her comments about the forensic report of  Teoh’s death. I then searched for the other online newspapers to ensure all the info corroborated. The most detailed one was from TheStar Online.

Here are some of her comments:

  • “….marks on Teoh’s neck region looked like he had been strangled manually..”
  • “The contusion of the skin on the right side of the neck looks round, indicating it might have been caused by fingers,”
  • “….the abrasions found on Teoh’s upper right thigh also appeared like he had been beaten with a piece of wood…”
  • “…there was a need to open the skin in the area where the haemorrhage was found to determine if torture had been involved…” (Both the pathologists who had conducted the post-mortem on Teoh had failed to do so)
  • “…Teoh’s skull fracture was not typical of a transferred injury due to a fall but was more compatible with a blunt force being directly inflicted to the head…”

I went, “Waah, rasa cam tengah tengok cita Bones jak!” (Waah, rasa seperti sedang menonton Bones sahaja). Well, I was quite excited when she relates all the injuries with the possible cause of death.  Those commentaries somehow sound familiar, just like when Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan (in “Bones”) and her team were in the middle of investigation at the Jeffersonian.

See the blue words that I highlighted? I really checked the dictionary for the meaning (to show how sophisticated the words are). 🙂


Well, this makes us think isn’t it? How the world really are. How our world really are. How some of the people in this world might hide the truth just to satisfy their own needs. How prowess* we need to be to face these people.

If all of us ever need to FIGHT, it’s the TRUTH that we have to FIGHT for.

People, the change is in your hands! Always fight for the TRUTH!

* just learnt this word through the article. Correct me if I used it wrongly~grammatically.


p.s. Do come and have some cups of CENDOLs during the Nottingham Malaysian Games 2009! 31st OCTOBER 2009-Visit FUIYO stall where you can get the famous ‘Cendol Sutera Klasik’ 😉


4 thoughts on “Real Life Bones??

  1. salam syaShot windu windu renduuu~

    lama gilak x bertanye khaba. sihat la harapnye yea, insyaAllah.. 😉

    ini sangat interesting. kamel pun jarang bukak news skarang. masa kat msia dulu follow jugak kes teoh ni. sekarang taktau ape cerita. thanks for updating!

    sya pegi notts game?? waaaaaah~~ nak cendol sutera klasik spuloh??! v_______V

    • Salam Kamel,

      rindu Kamel gak. alhamdulillah saya sihat je, n harap Kamel sihat gak.

      nway, saya pun baru nak bukak news, tetiba dah terserempak ngan berita ni. yeap, interesting indeed! looking forward for the development of this case and hopefully Dr. Thailand tu dibenarkan buat 2nd post mortem.

      Most importantly, semoga kebenaran dan keadilan terbukti dalam kes ni.

      Notts Game, yup! insyaAllah dis year jadi part of the-cendol-making team. tolong sipi2 je lah tapi. Ajah pun insyaAllah. Kak Dayang plak dalam cendol-sales-department insyaAllah. kalau Kamel ada kat UK masa tu, nak je ajak Kamel skali!

      nway, saya ada satu misi, nak pulangkan balik tudung Kamel!!! insyaAllah. hehe. 😉

      okies, see you! 🙂


  2. wait wait wait..
    what?? u BAKED?!
    haha.. wow. the 1st thg tht caught my attention.
    hahaha… wander how it taste.. or instant pizza jak??

    eh. eh. pompuan lam gambar ya DOKTOR?
    wuhh. brutal sungguh!! -____-‘
    memmo memmo.

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