Canggung atau dalam bahasa Inggerisnya, “awkward”.

Insan-insan pelik tiba-tiba kelihatan.

I can’t brain why would a person who is in his 50s Whatsapp-ing a woman that’s half of his age. Of course, it’s different if you’re talking about masalah negara or masalah ummah; but to say ‘hi’, ‘good morning’, and talk about mindless topics? It’s just unacceptable. (-_-“)

And also, I think it’s rude for someone to talk openly about his/her feelings towards another someone just by looking at the physical appearance of that another someone. Judging by looking at the outside without even have any idea what’s inside. Furthermore, if you’re a Malay, we have this what we called malu and sopan-santun. Modesty, have people lost it nowadays?

World is a very deceivable place.

May Allah protect us from being deceived by this worldly world.

Call me conservative. Or close-minded.  Whatever. To them, it will never be the same again. You have lost my respect.



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