Go..go..keep moving foward!



I just want to thank all the people that I’ve got the chance to know in this life especially those who inspired me to do what i should do. May Allah bless all of you. near or far. dead or alive.

Kepada Allah dikembalikan segalanya, Maha Pengurnia hidayah dan taufik. Alhamdulillah.

Hijrah (Hadis 1)




Top 5 presents u wish 4…
-Canon IXUS (8.0 MP)

 Person who tagged me..
– Fakhrullah

5 impressions about the person who tagged you…
-budak baik
-hardworking -brilliant

Most memorable thing done or given…
-tengok orang lain happy despite kesusahan

Most memorable words said…
-sikda yang spesifik..

If she becomes my lover, i wud…
-soklan sik relevan

If she becomes my enemy, the reason wud b..
-soklan sik relevan kedua

8 people who i wud like 2 know how they feel bout me @ 8 ppl tagged by me…

1. You

 Layan jak la~